Established in late 2016 by founder and lead photographer, Alain Joseph, LEVEL 101 Studios, LLC, is a New York City based Photography Studio that specializes in portraits and head-shots. Alain is a native New Yorker and a 20-year veteran of the service industry. His path to photography started four years ago, as a new requirement through his regular job duties, to help provide visual content and imagery for social media. The more he shot and learned, the more his interest in photography grew. It wasn’t long before his “side project” began to take on greater importance and significance to him than that of his regular job. It was plainly obvious to those who knew him that Alain had been bitten by the Shutterbug. Ever since, he’s been obsessing over photography. LEVEL 101 Studios is the natural evolution of that passion and its journey.



At LEVEL 101, we believe that the relationship between the photographer and the subject is both critical and fundamental to our success in achieving the highest quality images for our clients. As such, we strongly encourage face-to-face meetings with prospective clients in order to assess whether we are the right fit for the job and to start the getting to know each other process. It is our view that it is critically important to develop a good rapport with your photographer well before the shoot-day. Informal meetings with potential clients are suggested (without obligation to commit) to help us assess their needs, introduce ourselves, and to help them to have a clearer vision, understanding, and direction of the flow of their shoot-day.

We are known for our location shoots for individuals, families and corporations, and will happily facilitate studio based shoots. We would love to be considered as your premier image consultants for your engagement and/or wedding needs as well. We encourage you to fill out your information on our contact page and send us an inquiry about what services you may be looking for LEVEL 101 Studios to provide.

Thank-you for your consideration…